Darlington and Middlesbrough


A simulation of the routes which encompass the birthplace of railways, the Darlington to Stockton line.

The timetables include repair trains allowing malfunctions and the subsequent signalling challenges.

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The original thrust of this simulation was to create routes which covered the Darlington to Stockton line. This has led to the simulation covering:-
– Darlington to Middlesbrough (and coastal stations)
– East Coast line passing through Darlington and Northallerton stations
– York to Redcar/Saltburn via Middlesbrough
– Middlesbrough to Newcastle via Hartlepool

There is plenty of freight traffic particularly around the Middlesbrough area but also on the East Coast line.

There are two timetables; one mimics a 0000 to 0800 nightshift which is a gentle introduction to the routes. The dayshift timetable covers 0800 to 1600 and is a far greater test of signalling skills. The timetables have been run with over 95% accuracy and they are based on current schedules for the routes.

The timetables also have a number of repair trains sited at different locations throughout the map. This is to allow for a greater signalling challenge should you choose to use the failed trains setting.

All trains have platforming information contained in the train descriptions and again are taken from the real life schedules.


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