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Cloeckewijck by Bjorn Verzijlbergh

I have made another simple railway; for training and learning purposes. It’s a really simple railway with 11 trains an hour, but with “bridges” that are single-tracked, so people have to cope with making the right decision at the right time – i.e. what train should go first and what train should wait – getting a green light a minute later. A real decision trainer 😉 Could be fun… I actually messed up the first time myself… and I made it…

Cloeckewijck actually doesn’t exist… But it’s based on a RL dutch piece of Rail near Arnhem, Netherlands, where there were (till 3 years ago) 2 bridges, right after each other with just a single track. I think this is a perfect training for any starting “signaller”.

If you wish to contact me please use the comments section below.

Download “Cloeckewijck” – Downloaded 946 times – 4 KB

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