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Newcastle Central Station by Josco

This is my first effort/submission and simulates the lines leading to and the platforms at Newcastle Central Station. There are 12 platforms within the station and traffic comes in from all four points of the compass.

There is a 24 hour timetable attached which is 90%+ accurate with the actual timetable for 24th April 2020 (date only chosen as is a birthday!). There are 374 trains and works well as a challenge. There were no real repeat services so all trains are, in effect, single items.

All preferred directions and auto signals are set in the attached session file. I have included a guidance document which details all the entries to the station and the descriptions of the journeys of each train. There is also a performance log from my last test run and it shows that the simulation works very well.

Download “Newcastle Central Station” – Downloaded 76 times – 211 KB

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