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Nottingham Trams North (Collaborative Project by the ROSDevTeam)

# Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK

This route covers the Nottingham Tram Network, from The Forest stop, North to the terminii at Hucknall and Phoenix Park. The route also encapsulates National Rail between Wilkinson Street and Hucknall, allowing the player to attempt to manage the level crossings along this section.

## Simulation

The included timetable contains operations on a Weekday morning, from 5am to around 10am. The simulation is slow at the beginning as you get trams out of the depot, but will soon get very busy! Don’t be too concerned with delays to some trams, especially on the single line section from Highbury Vale to Hucknall.

## Development

I (Daniel Gill) have decided to make this project open on the ROS GitHub, which means anyone can contribute to the project. You are welcome to contribute towards this route, may that be creating further timetables, or changing aspects of the route.

If you require any assistance in creation of a timetable or submitting it through GitHub, then visit the helpdesk channel on the ROS community Discord and we’ll be happy to help.

Download “Nottingham Trams North” – Downloaded 53 times – 47 KB

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