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Quokka by Simon Banham

This signal panel is a complete work of fiction. It is based on an area somewhere in mid/lower Surrey at the heart of a ‘new network’ of lines which links medium and large sized towns that were once not a part of the national network. The panel is at it’s busiest at the Eastbury end, and close attention will need to be paid to this area.

There are various forms of traction still around, and the newer modern electric units have been introduced. Alongside the electrics are various forms of diesel traction, both locomotives and units all doing various duties and going to various places!

The whole railway is still in development form and as such there are some problems, mainly with signalling.  Although not overly major you will notice where the problems are as you progress through the timetable. There are also some timing bugs which i know about and have left in on purpose as, for me at least, they make things seem a little more real.

No doubt the next installment of Quokka [pronounced Kw-OH-Kuh] will have various new bits and bobs added to it, but if i ever stop thinking of new stuff to add, it may one day actually get finished!!

Until then ENJOY!

(C)Simon Banham 2011. You can contact me via or use the comments section below.

Download “Quokka” – Downloaded 937 times – 28 KB

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