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West Dulwich to Otford Teynham Sheppey by Anthony Sheehy (**NEW**)

This is an actual representation of part of the London SouthEastern Railway network from West Dulwich out as far as Sheerness-on-Sea. Trains typically pass through this track from the London Termini (Victoria, Canon St, Blackfriars, London Bridge, St Pancras) and onwards to Maidstone East, Cantebury West, Ashford International, Sevenoaks, Faversham, Ramsgate and Dover.

The timetable is as close as I can get to the real thing for March 2018. The one thing I can’t figure out is how controllers don’t go mad with the Bromley South Shuttle blocking up a line. For sanity’s sake there is a timetable that does not include the shuttle. Why they schedule some trains so close to each other is a mystery to me.

It all starts very sedately at 4.30, but don’t let that fool you. At 5.00, 5.30 and 6.00 if you are not careful it will catch you out. Things settle down around about 9am. The NODC signaller controlled train is a placeholder. The HS1 line is not live (no DC?) yet. Just turn it around when it reaches the red signal and forget about it. Nothing goes up that line.

The latest version of ROS sets up the preferred routes quite nicely. There are a number of turning points that are never timetabled, so you can “prefer route” through them – that includes the HS1 link, Swanley, Sole Street, Otford and Rainham. Beware of filling the gap at Bromley South, even without the Bromley South Shuttle, there are a couple of Thameslink trains that turn there. Trains also turn at Beckenham Junction.

Download “West Dulwich to Otford Teynham Sheppey” – Downloaded 235 times – 131 KB

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