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New Project Submission: Southampton Central by Zac Partridge

Firstly, you hopefully will be able to see that my railway and timetable are attached. It is a real life, working section of rail around the Southampton Central area. The timetable is fully real with all correct platforms and I have completed a weekday timetable from 4:30 – 10:00.

Southampton Central railway station is a main line station serving the city of Southampton in Hampshire, southern England. It is on the Wessex Main Line, the South Western Main Line and is the Western terminus of the West Coastway Line. It is served by Southern (with services to London Victoria/Bridge and Brighton), South Western Railway (With services to London Waterloo, Portsmouth, Weymouth, Poole, Bournemouth & Other destinations towards the West Country), Great Western Railway (With services to Cardiff Central, Bristol Temple Meads, Portsmouth, Brighton, Westbury & Other destinations towards the West Country & Wales) and Cross Country (With services between Manchester Piccadilly & Bournemouth).

The entire timetable is 100% real with all trains passing through being on a real life timetable (weekday). I really hope you enjoy and do let me know if you find any. problems with it!

Download it here

New Project Submission: East Lancashire Railway by Daniel Walker

The East Lancashire Railway from Bury to Rawtenstall and Heywood as it is in preservation. The main line link at Castleton is included and the two signals on the Castleton side of Heywood are the stop boards for the protecting trap points. Due to limitations of the software some of the flexibility of the Bury South area is lost and all trains are heritage DMUs other than any 1D## or 3D##. Runrounds are not under signaller control due to the split being a half and half not a loco and stock.
A simple Blue Timetable is included with the initial upload however I am working on the DMU gala timetable soon and possibly a gala with demo freights and a shuttle.

Download it here

New Project Submission: Eastbourne, Newhaven & Sleaford by Anthony Sheehy

The Sussex coast between Brighton and Asford has no less than ten level crossings, two branches, a single track section and a maximum speed of 60mph throughout. It is served by Southern Railways and by Southeastern (between Hastings and Battle.) All trains passing from Brighton to Hastings and vice versa have to turn around at Eastbourne. There are sidings and depots at Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastings and Ore.

Take time to remind yourself of the rules for crossings: No automatic routes, and penalties apply if the barrier is down for more than 3 minutes. A certain amount of extra skill is needed to negotiate the crossings and keep your trains on time, as they will slow down if the gate is set too late.

Trains turn at Lewes, Seaford, Eastbourne, Hastings, Ore and Rye. Watch out at 7.47 for the service coming out of Newhaven Port – it is not protected and will derail if you do not set the points for Newhaven Town. There is a single joining service from Seaford and Hasting at Lewes, and later in the timetable the returning service splits at Lewes.

The timetable is the weekday Southern Railway timetables from December 2017. The Hastings to Battle timetable is the pre-May 2018 timetable.

Download it here

New Project Submission: Billericay to Southminster and Southend Victoria by Anthony Sheehy

This is a representation of the real-world line that serves Southminster and Southend Victoria. The single timetable provided for this railway is the December 2017 Greater Anglia weekday timetable. The railway includes a section of single track and a shuttle service from Wickford to Southminster which runs at an odd interval to the trains to and from Southend Victoria. For a short time between the morning rush and the evening rush it allows for a repeating shuttle operation.

The line gets really busy during the morning and evening rush hour but settles in to a lulling regularity during the day.

Watch for the 1V09 service that splits at Wickford to provide the additional train to run the Wickford to Southminster shuttle service.

Download it here

New Project Submission: West Dulwich to Otford Teynham Sheppey by Anthony Sheehy

This is an actual representation of part of the London SouthEastern Railway network from West Dulwich out as far as Sheerness-on-Sea. Trains typically pass through this track from the London Termini (Victoria, Canon St, Blackfriars, London Bridge, St Pancras) and onwards to Maidstone East, Cantebury West, Ashford International, Sevenoaks, Faversham, Ramsgate and Dover.

The timetable is as close as I can get to the real thing for March 2018. The one thing I can’t figure out is how controllers don’t go mad with the Bromley South Shuttle blocking up a line. For sanity’s sake there is a timetable that does not include the shuttle. Why they schedule some trains so close to each other is a mystery to me.

It all starts very sedately at 4.30, but don’t let that fool you. At 5.00, 5.30 and 6.00 if you are not careful it will catch you out. Things settle down around about 9am. The NODC signaller controlled train is a placeholder. The HS1 line is not live (no DC?) yet. Just turn it around when it reaches the red signal and forget about it. Nothing goes up that line.

The latest version of ROS sets up the preferred routes quite nicely. There are a number of turning points that are never timetabled, so you can “prefer route” through them – that includes the HS1 link, Swanley, Sole Street, Otford and Rainham. Beware of filling the gap at Bromley South, even without the Bromley South Shuttle, there are a couple of Thameslink trains that turn there. Trains also turn at Beckenham Junction.

Download it here

New Project Submission: Abbey Park and Abbey Road by Max Wilkinson

This project simulates a model railway layout (00 gauge) called Abbey Park which is owned by John Polley.
John Polley used to be a London Underground driver before he gave it up for a desk job in network control.
He says: “At least I have my little trains to play with and they are much less trouble.”
It is currently under construction in real life but I provide here a sneaky preview of what it will look like.
This is a replacement layout of a popular, well known London Underground layout called Abbey Road, which
is also provided. The rolling stock is mainly tube stock and dates back since the 1930s. You can also buy
these trains from this website: The fiddle yard (area not in the green box) is
supposed to have 3 way points but as this simulator doesn’t have 3 way points I have had to modify it.
In addition, it was supposed to have a traverser for the 5 sidings on the upper level.

Don’t forget to check out Abbey Road on the Model Railway Channel and on YouTube.

Download it here

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