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New Project Submission: Marshalling Yard by Xeon

Now this is a railway to make you think!

It’s a marshalling yard created by Xeon who is Chinese, so if some of the names look odd it’s because the appropriate Chinese font isn’t loaded.  The image above is taken from Xeon’s computer where the names display correctly.  However not having the correct font won’t affect operation of the railway.

The individual vehicles enter from the left and assemble into trains.  Care must be taken to ensure that each vehicle takes the appropriate track for its train – a lot of advanced planning is called for here!  Prior to departure the leading vehicle enters from the right and attaches to its train, which by then is fully assembled, and finally the train departs towards the right.

There are 18 trains in all to be correctly assembled and sent on their way, and there are 18 tracks so you will need to use them all.  Good luck – you are certainly going to need it!

Download it here

New Project Submission: North Kent East Jn to Hayes and Dartford by Anthony Sheehy

As a companion to the Charing Cross, Cannon Street and London Bridge simulation, this continues from the North Kent East junction and includes all the North Kent lines through to Dartford, the line to Hayes and the through section to Grove Park, including the Grove Park Depot. This is a big area to control but it is possible with concentration. If you get half of these services to their right destination on time, you will be doing better than the current operator.

The timetable is taken from the May 2018 update and includes not-in-timetable services out of and to Grove Park that are needed to start/finish the Charing Cross/Cannon Street services.

Operating Notes:
For ease of operation I have taken a few liberties that may not be true to life – All depot bound trains enter the sidings and depart from the carriage sheds.
Don’t be afraid of red signals, especially around the Dartford Junctions. Services due to start from Barnehurst (for example) arrive earlier than through trains and need to be held to allow the through train first. This is also true of trains using Blackheath – Charlton link.
At the North Kent East Junction Rainham Trains arrive on line 3, but Blackfriars bound trains must exit at line 3 so once again don’t be afraid of the red signal needed to hold them until the line is clear. All Cannon Street bound trains must exit on line 2 or 3. All Charing Cross trains must exit Line 6.
All Grove Park Trains may exit on either the slow or fast lanes, but Orpington and Sevenoaks trains should be slow.
Most cross-overs are not used; the exception being Sidcup: There are two services that start from the Sidcup sidings between 8am and 9am after which it is not used.
There are no trains timetabled for Beckenham Junction.
No freight is timetabled so Angerstein Wharf can be ignored
Plumstead sidings and Slade Green Sidings are not used.
Dartford Platform allocations: 1 and 3 – turning platforms, 2 – Up through trains, 4 – Down through trains.
Watch the destination on trains coming from the depot – Cannon Street is specifically mentioned otherwise they are Charing Cross bound.

Download it here

New Project Submission: Charing Cross, Cannon Street & London Bridge by Anthony Sheehy

These three termini (plus through trains from Blackfriars) connect London to Kent and the South East. Southeastern trains run through London Bridge to North Kent and onwards to Dover, Hastings, Ashford, etc. Thameslink trains also pass through from Blackfriars and exit towards the North Kent East Junction and Sydenham. London Overground run trains up to New Cross and some Southern and Thameslink services terminate at London Bridge.

The timetable is taken from May 2018 update for Thameslink, Southeastern, Southern, and the 2017 December London Overground timetable. The May 2018 timetable updates make use of the underpass built as part of the Thameslink 2000 project. Before the underpass, Thameslink trains had to cross the path of Charing Cross trains. The underpass untangles the track and so more services run now through Blackfriars instead of terminating at London Bridge. To cater for the timetable where there is no obvious return train additional Out Of Service trains have been provided that are not in the timetable out of Grove Park (on the North Kent East to Dartford track.)

While this appears at first glance to be quite daunting (there’s eleven tracks between London Bridge and the Blue Anchor junction) it is actually 4 distinct routes with a little crossover (the Rainham/St Pancras for example, and the odd train coming from Sydenham that terminates at London Bridge.) Of course it’s the exceptions that keep you from sleeping on the job!

New for this simulation: I decided to step things up a bit. Different operators’ rolling stock traction power and stock weights have been added. Trains should slow and accelerate at different rates according to the type of stock used: Thameslink 700, Southeastern 465 for commuter services and 375 for long distance, Southern 377 urban and London Overground 378. Not that you will have time to sit back and notice…

Operating Notes:
London Overground New Cross to Sydenham requires no intervention at all. Close all the gaps and watch them run.
North Kent East Junction operates as follows: 1 – Down from Cannon Street, 2 – Up to Cannon Street, 3 – Reversable: Up to Cannon Street and St Pancras via Blackfriars and down to Rainham, 4 & 5 Down from Charing Cross, 6 Up to Charing Cross.
All trains at Termini depart one minute after changing services.

Watch out for:

There are two services specifically for Cannon Street Platform 7. These are reversed and backed out to the sidings for recall in the afternoon. If you put them on any other platform you will have fun shunting them about.

The London Bridge bound Thameslink Service after 10am. Occasionally there are services from Sydenham that terminate at London Bridge.

The rush hour gets busy – don’t be afraid to stack services at Charing Cross if the service at the platform leaves later. You will have to do that at least twice in the morning to fit everything in. Don’t be afraid of the red signal – check the arrival times and allow some services to sit outside the station while an outgoing service leaves. You can still get it in on time.

Download it here

New Project Submission: Southampton Central by Zac Partridge

Firstly, you hopefully will be able to see that my railway and timetable are attached. It is a real life, working section of rail around the Southampton Central area. The timetable is fully real with all correct platforms and I have completed a weekday timetable from 4:30 – 10:00.

Southampton Central railway station is a main line station serving the city of Southampton in Hampshire, southern England. It is on the Wessex Main Line, the South Western Main Line and is the Western terminus of the West Coastway Line. It is served by Southern (with services to London Victoria/Bridge and Brighton), South Western Railway (With services to London Waterloo, Portsmouth, Weymouth, Poole, Bournemouth & Other destinations towards the West Country), Great Western Railway (With services to Cardiff Central, Bristol Temple Meads, Portsmouth, Brighton, Westbury & Other destinations towards the West Country & Wales) and Cross Country (With services between Manchester Piccadilly & Bournemouth).

The entire timetable is 100% real with all trains passing through being on a real life timetable (weekday). I really hope you enjoy and do let me know if you find any. problems with it!

Download it here

New Project Submission: East Lancashire Railway by Daniel Walker

The East Lancashire Railway from Bury to Rawtenstall and Heywood as it is in preservation. The main line link at Castleton is included and the two signals on the Castleton side of Heywood are the stop boards for the protecting trap points. Due to limitations of the software some of the flexibility of the Bury South area is lost and all trains are heritage DMUs other than any 1D## or 3D##. Runrounds are not under signaller control due to the split being a half and half not a loco and stock.
A simple Blue Timetable is included with the initial upload however I am working on the DMU gala timetable soon and possibly a gala with demo freights and a shuttle.

Download it here

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