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New Project Submission: Abbey Park and Abbey Road by Max Wilkinson

This project simulates a model railway layout (00 gauge) called Abbey Park which is owned by John Polley.
John Polley used to be a London Underground driver before he gave it up for a desk job in network control.
He says: “At least I have my little trains to play with and they are much less trouble.”
It is currently under construction in real life but I provide here a sneaky preview of what it will look like.
This is a replacement layout of a popular, well known London Underground layout called Abbey Road, which
is also provided. The rolling stock is mainly tube stock and dates back since the 1930s. You can also buy
these trains from this website: The fiddle yard (area not in the green box) is
supposed to have 3 way points but as this simulator doesn’t have 3 way points I have had to modify it.
In addition, it was supposed to have a traverser for the 5 sidings on the upper level.

Don’t forget to check out Abbey Road on the Model Railway Channel and on YouTube.

Download it here

New Project Submission: London Marylebone by Zac Partridge

This is a real life, working section of rail at the Terminus Station of London Marylebone.

The timetable is fully real with all correct platforms etc.. and I have completed a half day timetable from 05:45 – 12:00 (Noon) however I will not be completing the 2nd half of the day as this timetable is particularly repetitive after 11am.

London Marylebone is a small Central London Terminus and has a connected London Underground station, Marylebone (serving the Bakerloo line) in the Marylebone area of the City of Westminster. On the National Rail network it is also known as London Marylebone and is the southern terminus of the Chiltern Mainline to Birmingham. The accompanying underground line is located between Edgware Road and Baker Street in Transport for London’s Fare Zone 1.

I chose London Marylebone as it is one of the smaller yet still relatively busy London Terminus’. The station has 6 buffer platforms and 1 additional siding adjacent to platform 1.

I really hope you enjoy the project and please make sure you check out my document named MUST READ MYB.txt to find out specifics of the timetable and operating this specific layout etc.

Download it here

New Project Submission: Karlsruhe Grötzingen by Blimp Train

This scenario shows the station of Grötzingen, an eastern suburb of Karlsruhe.
The station is one of the connections between Karlsruhe’s urban tram and mainline train network. This is was where the first tram-train line was opened in the year 1992.

Two timetables are included, one runs from 12:00 to 14:00, displaying the normal daytime pattern. It is the easier timetable, lasting only two hours and the southern mainline track pair can be operated entirely separate from the tram-train tracks.
Simulated services are the S4 from the tram network to Bretten, some continuing towards Heilbronn. It operates every 20 minutes, two per hour as Local trains making all stops, the other is an Express train only stopping in Jöhlingen West.
The S5 comes from the tram network and continues on the light rail to Söllingen, from there some continue towards Pforzheim. It runs every 10 minutes.
On the mainline tracks, regional and intercity trains are running between Karlsruhe and Pforzheim towards Stuttgart and Nürnberg, none of them make a stop in this map.

The other timetable shows the evening peak from 16:00 to 19:00. It is more difficult, an hour longer and there are multiple peak services changing onto the mainline tracks.
In addition to the normal daytime services, on the S4 there are Sprinter trains, an even faster express category that has no stops between Karlsruhe and Bretten. Unlike the Local and Express S4 trains, the Sprinters continues on the mainline tracks to Durlach and Karlsruhe Main Station. There are two daily trip pairs, the evening pair is included here.
On the S5, two hourly Express trains without stops run from the tram network to Pforzheim on the mainline tracks. Note these two trains exit the map on the left track and only switch to the right at the next station outside the map. An hour later, another Sprinter runs on the mainline tracks to Pforzheim. Their return trips run as Sprinters from Pforzheim to Durlach and Karlsruhe Main Station, stopping in Grötzingen.

All passenger trains are running according to the 2017 schedule. A couple of freight trains are also running on the mainline, though with a fictional schedule.

Download it here

New Project Submission: Guildford by Zac Partridge

This project is a real life, working section of rail around the Guildford area. This includes a small station called Shalford which is also under your control when operating. The timetable is fully real with all correct platforms etc.. but so far I have only managed to complete the first 2 hours of timetabling (0600 – 0800). Expect a full 0600 – 2000 timetable around Christmas time this year but don’t hold me to that…

I chose Guildford as it is one of the key destinations and interchanges in Southern England on the National Rail Network. The station has 8 platforms and 6 individual pieces of track going through it with another piece and buffers for terminating trains. is at one of three main railway junctions on the Portsmouth Direct Line and serves the town of Guildford in Surrey, England. It provides an interchange station for two other railway lines: the North Downs Line northwards towards Reading, which has a connection to Aldershot; the same line eastwards to Redhill and Gatwick Airport; and the New Guildford Line, the alternative route to Waterloo, via Cobham or Epsom. Guildford station is the larger, more frequently and more diversely served of the two stations in Guildford town centre, the other being London Road on the New Guildford Line (not included).

I really hope you enjoy the project and please make sure you check out my document named MUST READ.txt to find out specifics of the timetable and operating this specific layout etc.

Download it here

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