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Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH)

This route depicts the small subway network that connects New Jersey to the city of New York. The network contains three routes which connect to either Sixth Avenue or World Trade Center (WTC). Included within the route is a simplified timetable based on Monday-Friday services. This is my first successful shuttle based timetable on a route.


The PATH network is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey forming part of their transit system. Previously when operations commenced in 1908the system was run by the Hudson & Manhatton Railroad to connect New Jersey’s ports with the New York City predating all Subway lines within the city. However after bankruptcy in 1954 the system was renamed. The network is unique in that it falls under the Federal Railroad Adminstration due to its sharing of facilities with the NorthEast Corridor, including the Newark Dock Bridge.

The system runs 24/7 with varying services depending on time. A full summary of the network and timetable can be found within the official PATH leaflet included within the route zip file.

Details of routes, features and operation are included on the project page and in the README file

Download it here

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