Strathfield is about 12k west of Central station on the Sydney rail network. Here the Main South, Main North, and Main West lines merge into the sextuple line towards the city.

The network in this area has as mix of regional trains to both the North and West of Sydney and a mix of suburban services to the metropolitan area. Four of the major suburban lines run through the area , T1 – North Shore & Western Line , T2 – Inner west & Leppinton, T3 – Bankstown Line and the T7- Olympic park line all pass over this section of the network.

The timetable is extracted from the GTFS dataset for a typical Monday in Oct 2017 running from 7:00 to about 11:00. There is a nice mix of suburban services, Expresses for the West and North and the Bankstown and Olympic Park shuttles to contend with. To spice up the mix there are a few ‘One-offs’ and Empty Train moves in the timetable to keep the signaler on their toes.

Platform information is included in the train description with the initial of the station and the expected platform.

Download it here

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