This route requires Railway.exe version 2.6.0 or above.

This route covers part of the busy suburban rail network from London Waterloo. The route starts at Barnes, and goes as far West as Windsor. Can you deal with the large amount of traffic?


The included timetable starts at 0800 and is based on a normal Friday service.


This project is open on the ROS GitHub which means anyone can contribute to the project. You are welcome to contribute towards this route, may that be creating further timetables, or changing aspects of the route.

To aid in timetable creation a file, WaterlooSuburbanEntryExit.txt, is included in the Documentation folder with the locations of the entry and exit portals, which you can copy directly into a timetable.

If you require any assistance in creation of a timetable or submitting it through GitHub, then visit the helpdesk channel on the ROS community Discord and we’ll be happy to help.

Download it here

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