json2ttb is a ROS train service generating program for use in creating ROS timetables.  It makes several things easy that the ROS timetable editor can only do with a lot of copying, pasting and individual service editing, and is particularly useful when creating real-life timetables.


What json2ttb can do. What json2ttb cannot do. (yet)
Creates timetables for ROS from user data. No current support for joins/splits or shuttles.
Allows for “odd” repeats of services. Does not simplify writing individual services.
Create templates of service data and use them for several services. No current support for the ROS repeats (e.g.
Change the reference and description of single repeats.
In most cases, quicker than writing timetables in ROS.

The zip file contains the program itself together with a detailed user manual with information on installing and using the program, and contact details for Daniel if there are any questions or problems.

Download it here

[Image by Black Variant from IconArchive.com.  Free for non-commercial use]

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