The Merseyrail network is mostly controlled by Sandhills IECC.

Included is the route for the entire network, and a representation timetable over 6 hours.

The following services are included:
4tph New Brighton – Liverpool
4tph West Kirby – Liverpool
4tph Chester – Liverpool
2tph Ellesmere Port – Liverpool
1tph Wrexham – Bidston
4tph Kirkby – Liverpool
4tph Ormskirk – Liverpool
4tph Southport – Hunts Cross

This simulation can be quite a challenge since in reality there are 2 signallers (+ a few more from the different PSB’s controlling the Chester, Ellesmere Port and Hunts Cross lines) both using ARS while you have none of that!

There are some helpful operating notes available in the README.pdf file in the documentation folder.

If you have any suggestions / improvements etc., please ping me on the ROS Discord server (mathstrains19#2057) or create an issue or PR on GitHub (

Download it here

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