Welcome to the signal box of the northern part of the S-Bahn network of Berlin,

In this signal box you control the following areas in the north of the network:
– the S25 from the station “Wollankstraße” until its terminus in “Hennigsdorf”
– the S1 from the station “Wollankstraße” until its terminus in “Oranienburg” (+ the S26 til “Waidmannslust”)
– the S8 from the station “Blankenburg” until its terminus in “Birkenwerder”

I chose this section with the named lines, because it includes a lot of sections with just one track.
Especially on the S25 sections in the case of delays a flexible disposition is needed.

– in Waidmannslust (BWAI) the returing S26 should use the “lower” track
– in the morning hours, trains may be taken under signaller control to get to their first stop

In the simulation you can find a normal weekday from the beginnig at 4 o’clock with all extra trains, but in the evening it’s not as precise.

As extras you can find timetables seperated by lines, as it may be too complicated with all the trains at once.

More information in the README-file 😉

And now: have fun!

Download it here

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