Salisbury is a relatively busy junction station on the West of England Main Line. At first glance it appears relatively simple with only a few trains an hour, however the complexities of Salisbury depot and the number of trains joining and splitting cause a real challenge!

A full day timetable for spring 2022 has been included. The standard services are:
– 1tph Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour (GWR)
– 1tph Salisbury to Romsey via Southampton (SWR)
– 1tph London Waterloo to Exeter St Davids (SWR)
– 1tph Basingstoke to Salisbury (SWR)

There are also other infrequent and peak services throughout the day, as well as several freight trains.

Some operational tips have been included in the documentation – it is advised you read these before operating the route!

Download it here.

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