The Mashhad Urban Railway is a network of two metro lines connecting the suburbs of the city of Mashhad in Razavi Khorasan province, Iran. Currently the system contains two lines Line 1 and Line 2 with plans for further extensions, and two additional lines under development.

The simulation is semi-fictional as data sources are limited outside of Iran itself. The route contains all network stations, however speed limits and rolling stock specifications have been approximated in order to match the timetable for Line 1.

The timetable itself is also semi-fictional as the information is only readily available within Iran. The author only had access to the eastbound timetable for Line 1.

Rolling stock movements in and out of the three main depots are also estimated based on the timetable.

[Please copy all the graphic files from the unzipped Graphics folder to your own Graphics folder so that the Arabic place names can be seen, and a white background is recommended so these names show clearly]

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