MRT Jakarta is one of the public transportation systems in Jakarta province, Indonesia that has its own dedicated line.

MRT Jakarta has 13 stations (6 underground stations and 7 elevated stations), and 16 trainsets (2 standby trainsets as reserves). The waiting time between trains in MRT Jakarta is usually 10 minutes during normal hours and 5 minutes during peak hours. These trains utilize the CBTC signaling system and are equipped with Automatic Train Operation (ATO) GoA 2, with drivers operating the doors and driving in case of emergency.

In this simulation, a timetable that applies on weekdays from 04:50 to 24:09 has been provided, which is the original schedule according to reality.

During operation the following points should be noted:
– Pay attention to the departure time of each train at 3 stations with manual entry and exit signals (Lebak Bulus Grab, Blok M BCA, and Bundaran Hotel Indonesia), because the change direction time of each train schedule may vary.
– Platform 2 of Blok M BCA Station is only used for initial departure, final arrival, and conditions when there is a disruption. Besides that, please only use Platform 1 and Platform 3.

More details can be seen in the pdf file in the Documentation folder.

Download it here.

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