The Oxted line is a railway in southern England and part of the Southern franchise. The railway splits into two branches towards the south and has direct trains throughout to London termini. The line branches from the Brighton Main Line (which has two diverging northern branches) at South Croydon in Greater London. The line then splits into two branches at Hurst Green, a little after Oxted. One of these branches ends at East Grinstead, the other at Uckfield. The line between East Croydon and Hurst Green is double-track throughout, as is all of the East Grinstead branch, and all this route is electrified. The Uckfield branch has two tracks as far as Hever; the rest of the line is mostly single-track, but with two short double-track sections (a passing loop at Ashurst, and a short distance between Crowborough and just north of Buxted).

Timetables for 12/9/23 between 4:45am and 1:05am the next day, 7/10/23 between 5:40am and 1am the next day, and 15/10/23 between 8am and 1am the next day have been used. It’s recommended to play this on a higher speed or with delays/faliures as it can become a bit boring.

Main services from Monday to Saturday include:
2tph London Victoria <-> East Grinstead (SN)
1tph London Bridge <-> Uckfield (SN)

Main services on Sunday include:
2tph London Victoria <-> East Grinstead (SN)
1tph Oxted <-> Uckfield (SN)

All timetables include departmental services

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