Westbury is a small junction station on the Great Western Main Line between London and Cornwall. Most long distance services don’t actually stop at Westbury, using the avoiding lines instead, however there are plenty of local and regional services through the station to keep a signaller occupied. This simulation also includes Frome (also on a loop from the main line), and the line out to Castle Cary, where the Heart of Wessex Line diverges towards Yeovil and Weymouth.

The included timetable represents a Wednesday in March 2023, with the following services:

– 1tph London Paddington to Plymouth (avoiding Westbury) (GWR)
– 1tp2h London Paddington to Plymouth (calling at Westbury) (GWR)
– 1tph Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central (GWR)
– 1tp2h Swindon to Westbury (GWR)
– 1tp2h Gloucester to Weymouth (GWR)
– Irregular London Waterloo to Yeovil Pen Mill (SWR)

Some operational tips are provided in the included documentation.

Download it here

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