This package contains two networks, both operated my MSR (MineSurv Railway). They are the MSR MineSurv Network and the MSR MineSurv Subway.

MSR MineSurv Network operating tips:
– Despite the first couple minutes being slow, as more trains come into service over time, it quickly gets busy and you have to make quick decisions about what trains to prioritize. (The Mob Farm Cargo line is ok to be last, since it repeats only every hour). Keeping schedule is exceedingly difficult.
– When trains come from the south (right-hand side on the map) into South Transit Center, be careful what platform you assign them to. Once a train enters the station, signaller control and much delay is required to reassign.

MSR MineSurv Subway operating notes:
– The entire track has trains going in two directions. While the schedule is designed with this in mind, keep your eyes open since there is no room for delays.

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