Take on the challenging Ringbahn which is one of the backbones of Berlin itself. With 27 stations and a 60 mins roundtrip of a complete circle on either S41 or S42. Along comes other services which use part of the ring itself. The service pattern is very dense with trains only a few mins apart in the peak hours, giving up to 21 tph at some sections, and services operate from 03:45 in the morning to 01:40 (25:40 in game) in the night. The scenario follows the real life timetable for the S-bahn Berlin as of 2023.

I recommend playing this busy scenario with no failures and only minor delays for the most enjoyable playthrough. I recommend playing at 2 times speed to around 6 o’clock and 1 times speed from 6 to 21:30 o’clock.

I have created an excel overview to simplify train information and showing when trains enter and exit the railway.

Download it here

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