Burdwan Town Bus Service


Burdwan is a small town located in West Bengal, India. Its schedule is heavy.

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Burdwan Town Bus Service:- I am Debjyoti Saha and this is my first project. I have designed the Town Bus Service of Burdwan. Burdwan is a small town located in West Bengal, India. Its schedule is heavy.

The track territory has mainly three divisions.

(1) Salbagan to Golapbag
(2) Golapbag to Rajbari
(3) Rajbari to Udaypally

There is also a branch line from Golapbag to Nababhat. Starting from Salbagan, the territory consists four tracks to Udaypally and the branch line consists two tracks. The tracks are set in both directions. So, One can use it as he/she wish. There are four depots(Yards)

(1) Salbagan Depot
(2) Golapbag and Nababhat Depot
(3) Rajbari Depot
(4) Udaypally Depot

Salbagan depot is used also as the depot of Purtobhavan.

Now, I have designed the timetable heavily. It consists three types of trains :- (1) Superfast , (2) Express (Exp) , (3) Passenger (Pgr).

The importance s of trains are as in order they are written. Superfast trains has less stoppages and Express trains has little bit more stoppages than Superfast trains. Passenger Trains have all stoppages.

It is a brief description of my project. I hope you will like to play it. If you find any problems or have any complaints, please contact me through my email id


Thank You…


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