Edinburgh Waverley

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A busy morning covering all 20 platforms at Edinburgh Waverley station. Includes Haymarket station and depots at Haymarket and Craigentinny.

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This project covers the two main Edinburgh stations. In particular it has all 20 platforms from Waverley station and also includes traffic coming to and from depots to the east and west of Edinburgh.

The timetable is based on a current weekday and covers the six and a half hours between 5:30am to 12. For those who like to work with the train fault option, there are six ‘repair’ trains situated at sidings if needed.

This has been designed for simplicity of use and there are only two horizontal screens to be scrolled between to cover all the signals. What it loses in intricacy of design, it may make up for in the ease of gameplay.

4 reviews for Edinburgh Waverley

  1. Oxalin

    A small route nicely spread out, with a good variety of traffic to keep the user on their toes.

  2. Daniel

    A really great simulation, very enjoyable. The map is very well designed, and the timetable has some challenge, but it is not impossible. Signal placements allow for a comprehensive operation.

  3. Krizar

    A great simulation with the perfect balance of service variety, and easy to operate station layout. The map and timetable capture well the services as well as providing an accessible challenge.

  4. Albert

    Very interesting layout with plenty of action. Keeps you on your toes!

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