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Newbury by Simon Banham


The Newbury panel was once operated by Reading Signalling Centre and covers the area from Southcote Junction to Lavington along the Berks and Hants mainline. In a nutshell, for those of you not familiar with the area, it’s basically from just west of Reading (Berkshire), to a few miles east of Westbury (Wiltshire) in the UK. Various services use this stretch of line including freight traffic consisting of both 45 and 60 mph types and freight is mainly in the form of heavy stone and aggregates traffic, generated from the quarries at Whatley and Merehead located further west of Westbury. There are also a fair few level crossing to contend with.

A basic timetable giving just over an hour of signalling is included for you to get a feel of the area. Only one thing to note, and that being any trains entering from the Reading direction which are booked to terminate at Newbury always use the bay platform.

Please do feel free to add to this timetable or create your own.

Any problems can be forwarded to myself at:



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