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# London Underground (2019)

This is a representation of the London Underground network as it was in 2019. Included in great detail are all 11 lines. This route should be considered an advanced simulation due to the high level of traffic and scale of the network, it is a challenge that is supposed to be fun (after all no single person operates the whole network conventionally!).

## The Simulation

The included timetable represents services between 6:30-7:30am on a Sunday. Note that the Waterloo & City line does not operate on Sundays hence the lack of traffic on this line.

It is strongly advised that you use the Action Panel during the simulation in order to have quick and easy access to signalling of trains as and when it is needed. Furthermore, again due to the vast number of services, if you are beginner I also recommend slowing down the simulation or even pausing it whilst determining what you need to do next.

Where appropriate “via” points have been specified in train descriptions, take extra care to ensure you account for these as it can be easy to accidentally route a service into a terminating/wrong platform and then no longer be able to resume.

Much more detail on lines and services is provided on the project page and in the README file.

Download it here

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