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A complete rendition of the Los Angeles subway/tram system, known locally as Metro Rail. All six major lines are included with all stations and all divisions, with a bonus seventh line and yard which are not yet in service IRL but have been included.

This is a semi-advanced simulation, so it is not intended for those who are just getting started with Railway. Even though most of the route has been automated, there are switches and junctions that still need manual setting, which helps make this hard!

The included timetable runs from 6 AM to just past 7 AM, with all of the services that run within this time span. They are based off of real-world LACMTA timetables, though I may have gotten a small fraction of it fictitious. The included session has automatic signal routes set over all crossovers, not only to better identify where services run, but so that you not need to constantly click on the Actions Due window.

Recommended Advice:
It is recommended that you open the Actions Due and Service Information windows, and set Train Information to be on as well, as they will be important in routing services onto the appropriate tracks!

More detail is provided on the project page and in the Readme file

Download it here

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